I know Samsung and Microsoft sport some version of touchless screen controls, but their functionality is underwhelming at best.

Enter Apple.

CNBC reported: “This patent indicates that probably a completely new category of touchless devices may be in works at Apple.”

According to the patent filing released Tuesday, the potential new Apple technology would include a 3-D sensor that works in a specific field of view, and software that can translate gesture data into computer commands. Apple had filed for the patent in 2011.

Ultimately, users would be able to interact with their computers with a wave or push of the hand, according to the patent filing.

Following Apple’s acquisition of PrimeSense and that company’s patent portfolio, the tech giant was rumored to have a motion sensor in the works for its Apple TV.

I am waiting for the high tech rooms we see in movies to be a reality. Huge screens where you can easily move around and organize multiple windows, folders, games, apps, widgets, etc. with the whisk of your hand through the air. You know you’ve always wanted a command center like the one used by Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr.) in Iron Man. Even if you are only scrolling through Facebook feeds.

downey iron man screens

Let’s hope Apple’s make a quantum leap with their version of the technology and gets it to production within the next few years. And then holographics can’t be far behind. I want to dance around the room while working and interactive with cyberspace floating all around me. Bring it.

From an investor’s perspective, this news isn’t all too exciting. Apple is simply too large to move the needle, until this type of technology is commercialized and in the hands of millions. Tech Stocks as a whole are overbought and overvalued at this moment in my estimation. But Apple is a great stock to accumulate long term on the dips. And we may seen small cap tech stocks begin experimenting with this technology, which could give investor more direct exposure. Let’s home Apple doesn’t sue them or buy them out first.

Chances of Apple open sourcing patents like Tesla? Yeah, probably not.

Apple Gesture Control Patent for Touchless Screens.