It has been a while since we have written an article about Bitcoin. The digital currency made a huge move from early June to early July, climbing from $225 to $310 for a 38% gain in just over a month. However, this gain was followed by a steep plunge back to just $210 in late August.

The roller coaster ride has continued as of late, with the Bitcoin price once again rocketing higher from $210 to $275 over the past two months. This represents another 30%+ gain in a short time period. But it is not yet a technical buying signal unless the price can climb above the previous high of $310. If it fails to do so, the chart will show not only a lower high, but also a lower low over the past six months.

bitcoin chart

I still believe in the future of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology in particular. And while the recent price advance is nice to see, I am waiting for a breakout before confirming the buying opportunity.