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About Jason Hamlin

Jason Hamlin is the founder of the Technology Speculator website ( and also founded the precious metals website/newsletter Gold Stock Bull ( Jason spent a decade working in analytics for the world’s largest market research firm before traveling the world and making a living trading stocks on the road. He now publishes two highly-rated newsletters geared towards helping individual investors increase their returns in the stock market.

Poet Technologies Disruptive Technology May Soon be Acquired at a Hefty Premium

Would you like to charge your mobile phone just once or twice per week? Poet Technologies (PTK or POETF) believes it can do just that, along with revolutionizing the semiconduftor industry. The brainchild behind the technology is Professor of Electrical Engineering at UCONN, Dr. Geoff Taylor, and he claims to have created a disruptive technology that will [...]

By |April 17th, 2015|Technology News|

Novatel Wireless (MIFI) Trending Higher with New Focus on Internet of Things

The internet-of-things business it just in its infancy and there is plenty of growth ahead. I've had my eyes on Sierra Wireless (SWIR) for quite some time. The stock got ahead of itself on the hype of this sector and has since corrected from $48 to $33 during 2015. I think this represent a good [...]

By |April 7th, 2015|Technology News, Technology Stocks|

Top 10 Emerging Technologies for 2015

Want to invest in disruptive technologies early in their lifecycle? Click here to sign up for our free email alerts, research and articles that cover disruptive technology stocks. The World Economic Forum’s Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies, a panel of 18 experts, draws on the collective expertise of the Forum’s communities to identify the most important [...]

By |March 11th, 2015|Technology|

Ballard Power Systems (BLDP) Skyrockets on Volkswagen Deal

Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ:BLDP) stock is soaring today after inking a $80 million deal with Volkswagen and Audi, giving the automaker fuel-cell-related intellectual property. The deal also extends a servicing contract that BLDP and Volkswagen have for two years, according to Ballard’s news release Wednesday morning. BLDP stock was up as much as 62% this morning before settling to about 50% [...]

By |February 11th, 2015|Energy Technology|

I Bought Shares of Energous (WATT) Today, Innovator of Wireless Charging Technology

Energous Corporation has developed WattUp,  a groundbreaking technology that will fundamentally change the way you think about charging your portable electronic devices.  The WattUp wire-free charging system delivers safe and efficient energy over the air in your home, office, car or practically any other space you can imagine. Truly mobile, wire-free power management means freedom from cords or stationary [...]

By |January 28th, 2015|Technology, Technology News, Technology Stocks|

Touchless Screens On Their Way After Apple Wins Gesture Controls Patent

I know Samsung and Microsoft sport some version of touchless screen controls, but their functionality is underwhelming at best. Enter Apple. CNBC reported: "This patent indicates that probably a completely new category of touchless devices may be in works at Apple." According to the patent filing released Tuesday, the potential new Apple technology would include a 3-D [...]

By |January 14th, 2015|Sensors, Technology News|

Hortonworks to Leverage Hadoop into Powerful Gains in 2015

I've always been a data junkie and analytical thinker, so it is exciting in a nerdy way to hear about the advances of Hadoop and other deep-dive data analytics tools. Hadoop is Apache's open-source software framework for storing and processing big data in a distributed fashion on large clusters of commodity hardware. Essentially, it accomplishes two [...]

By |January 2nd, 2015|Technology News|

Tech Stock Spotlight: Neonode Shares Spike 21% on New Sensor Technology

Shares of Neonode, Inc (NEON) spiked up over 20 percent Tuesday on nearly 10X average volume. This was partly due to discussions on Twitter about the company’s upcoming technology introduction at the CES in Las Vegas. According to a December 18 press release from the company, Autoliv and Neonode will introduce the first joint concept “zForce DRIVE – Active Sensor Steering Wheel,” [...]

By |December 30th, 2014|Sensors, Technology News, Technology Stocks|

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Ebola, And The Power Of DNA-Based Vaccines

We recently added Inovio Pharmaceuticals to the Technology Speculator portfolio. The following article covers many of the bullish reasons that we decided to initiate a position. It is from: Biotech Research Group, published on SeeekingAlpha. Summary Inovio receives CNBC media coverage based on 100% effectiveness of Ebola study. Inovio's DNA-based, proprietary technology can demonstrate robust response [...]

By |October 9th, 2014|Biotechnology, Technology Stocks|

My Top Cybersecurity Stock Pick for 2014-2015

Demand for top-notch cybersecurity has been increasing in recent year and will likely continue to grow in importance. This trend accelerated in 2014 with security breaches at Target, Home Depot and most recently, JPMorgan Chase Bank. We can now add Anthem Healthcare to the list as the latest major security breach. Authorities are now saying up to [...]

By |October 4th, 2014|Technology News, Technology Stocks|